Sally Morse(non-registered)
Beautiful work! You’re a fantastic photographer and one of my favorite people..
Joe Colson(non-registered)
Excellent work, presented elegantly. Your photography captures light, texture, color, and compositional elements beautifully. You've been able to capture of the essence of complex scenes. Truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
Great : I really enjoyed your work. Thank you so much for sharing your web site.
Terry McDonald (luxborealis)(non-registered)
I arrived here via the LuLa Forum (haven't seen any posts by you recently!)

I am investigating Zenfolio as an alternative to my own website hosting which is becoming too much work. If you have any comments worth sharing about Zenfolio, I'd be pleased to hear them.

BTW - Great photography!
mal mcilwraith(non-registered)
Hi Paramote

I came via the getDPI forum where I see your photos quite often. Lovely to see a lot of old favourites but also new images I have not seen before. Your images usually make me get my camera out and look for some subject matter.

Thanks for putting up your images so all can see.

Richelle Valero(non-registered)
These pictures are truly amazing! :)
Gregory Clarke (CG Lawrence)(non-registered)
It was great meeting you this morning. Thanks for sharing information on places to photograph while I was visiting Denver. Your work is spectacular. Maybe we can go do some photography together the next time I'm in Denver. Should you ever visit the Philadelphia/New York area be sure to drop me a line.
Megan Noonan(non-registered)
Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.
Jon Lopez(non-registered)
Stunning work- you really capture the beauty of the scene!
monschau wolfram(non-registered)
hallo pramote
sie haben ein ausgesprochen gutes gefühl für den goldenen schnitt.
ganz tolle stimmungen,wunderbare archaische landschaften,man hat das gefühl an einigen plätzen hat noch nie ein mensch gestanden!
sehr gut gefallen mir die kontrastreichen schwarzweissfotos,rotfilter???
die qualität ihrer fotos würde manchen berufsfotografen blass aussehen lassen.
mit freundlichem gruss wolfram monschau,ehemaliger verlobter von hansi cortellesi stimac
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